Video Production

alokjatra provides professional video services to individuals, companies, and organizations. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through all aspects of production, including scriptwriting, shooting, editing and outsourcing. We pride ourselves on the high standards we put forth on all our projects. We combine digital technology, art, creativity, and customer service to deliver high quality and high impact videos. Whatever message you're hoping to send with your video, alokjatra is here to accomplish that goal!

We offer a variety of post production services; video editing, DVD authoring, and video conversion, we can help you reach your business needs. And we can stream the entire program onto a designated Web site.
Depending on your needs, we can adapt the HD footage for broadcast, live Web cast, viral video, and/or DVD.
Whether you want to boost sales with a promotional video or motivate and teach your staff with a corporate training video, we can deliver dynamic multimedia solutions to suits your needs.


alokjatra consists of documentary film makers that excel in creating innovative and powerful documentaries. Our passion for documentaries lies in the idea that they have the power to show life in its truest form. We do not force a voice into the footage. Instead, we believe in letting our subject matter reveal itself and unfold on its own.

alokjatra understands that documentaries are very time-consuming and therefore, we dedicate all our efforts and resources to ensure your important project will be completed on schedule and within your budget.